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About Us

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Rural TasmaniaMilko Nutritional Products P/L is an Australian owned company with a strategic focus on the creation and manufacture of high quality value added dairy products sourced from the worlds most highly regarded dairy producing region.

MilkOpet® is our range of nutritionally enhanced Lactose free milks for dogs in their main  life stage groups, Puppy, Adult Dogs, and Less Active Dogs. MilkOpet® is produced in a state of the art UHT dairy processing facility using world leading processes.

Girl with DogFollow the South Pacific Ocean down between Longitudes 140° and 180° to the crystal clear waters of the Tasman Sea and you’ll find the world’s foremost dairy producing region. Southern most Australia and New Zealand  combine to be the world’s largest dairy export region with a proven reputation for high quality, nutritious and tasty dairy products.

Clean fresh air, some say the world’s cleanest; beautiful green pastures dotted with pristine lakes and picturesque mountains, all nourished by a temperate climate and at any time only a short distance from the nearest Ocean. This is the ideal environment to raise stress free dairy cows and produce the world’s finest quality milk, and the proud home region of MilkOpet® Lactose Free Dairy milk for dogs.


MilkOpet® enriches natural iron in milk for dogs...