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Product FAQs

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Why should I feed my Dog MilkOpet® ?

Hydration is important for your dogs good health throughout its various life stages as it needs adequate fluid intake to help maintain normal body volume and cell function, and to support Kidney function. Dogs fed a high proportion of dry food in their diet risk regular fluid intake. The great taste of MilkOpet® provides an excellent way to hydrate your dog while delivering a wide range of essential nutrients.


How often should I feed my Dog MilkOpet® ?

You can feed MilkOpet® from time to time throughout each day as a reward, or before, during or after exercise. Your dog can enjoy the taste of MilkOpet® on its own or with its favorite dry food. You can be sure your dog will enjoy the natural good taste of MilkOpet®, just watch how excited it gets when it’s MilkOpet® time.


How much MilkOpet® should I feed my Dog ?

Every pack includes a Feeding Guide but here’s a summary:

WeightPuppy, Adult Dog or Less Active Dog
Kg (lbs) mL (fl.oz)
Up to  
5 (11) 100 (3.52)
5-10 (11-22) 100-200 (3.52-7.03)
10-30 (22-66) 200-300 (7.03-10.56)
30-50 (66-110) 300-400 (10.56-14.08)

I thought Dogs shouldn’t drink milk because it may cause upset stomach or diarrhea ?

Normal milk contains Lactose, which is milks natural sugar, but MilkOpet® has had the Lactose removed by converting it into Glucose and Galactose which makes the milk sweeter without adding calories, and dogs can digest and enjoy it regularly.

Do I need to refrigerate MilkOpet® ?

MilkOpet® is processed under UHT ( long life ) conditions within hours of milking, providing 14 months shelf life and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. After the first serve it should be stored in your refrigerator at around 4° C (39.2° F ) for up to 7 days, but always serve at room temperature.

Is there a difference in feeding my Dog human Dairy milk and MilkOpet® ?

MilkOpet® has been specially formulated by our small animal nutritionist with the aim of optimizing nutritional balance and supporting energy balance and wellbeing . As well as having Lactose removed, it has been enriched with dairy protein, dairy calcium, Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, and a scientifically selected range of vitamins and minerals to ensure these essential nutrient requirements are provided at an optimum level for dogs at each life stage.

My dog already gets extra Protein added in its regular food diet, why does it need more ?

Milk Protein is highly bio-available in natural dairy milk compared to many other sources of Protein and contains high proportions of all the essential amino acids (the building blocks for body protein). Milk Protein helps build and maintain lean muscle.

I sometimes see fat separation in my human dairy milk, is this a problem with MilkOpet® ?

It’s true that fat separation can occur in milk, in fact fat rising in a glass of milk straight from the cow would be considered normal. This type of separation is prevented by the homogenization process used in modern dairy processing where fat globules are spread evenly throughout the milk and held in suspension. Fat separation can occur in any milk and poor storage at high temperatures during transport can be an influence, but it’s odourless, very rare and harmless to your dog. Fat separation can vary from an almost unrecognizable swirl that disappears when you shake the pack prior to opening, to a yogurt appearance, but all are harmless to your dog.

I didn't think milk contained Omega 3 and Omega 6 ?

It’s true that normal dairy milk doesn't, but MilkOpet® has added Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids by adding Canola and Sunflower Oils. Specific USA research indicates the best ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in pet food is between 5:1 and 10:1. MilkOpet® offers a nutritionally beneficial ratio 7.4:1. Omega 3 fatty acids promote health and a shiny coat and have shown to be the building blocks of anti inflammatory agents that are key components for reducing allergic and inflammatory skin conditions in dogs. Sunflower oils contains linoleic acid which is a key building block for cells and a precursor for regulators of cell function. Linoleic acid deficiency may result in impaired reproductive efficiencies, impaired wound healing and can cause dry lusterless coat and scaly skin.

How important is Calcium in my dogs diet ?

Dairy products such as MilkOpet® are the best dietary sources of calcium. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth development in growing dogs. In addition, the dairy calcium in MilkOpet® reduces risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis and plays a role in promoting normal blood pressure. Calcium levels in MilkOpet® have been carefully increased by adding natural dairy milk calcium.

Why are Vitamins and Minerals added to MilkOpet® when natural dairy milk is already a good source ?

Good question, MilkOpet® small animal nutritionist specially formulated a selection of specific vitamins and minerals as an aid to optimizing the amount in the dogs total diet when MilkOpet® is fed as recommended.

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MilkOpet® enriches natural iron in milk for dogs...