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Antioxidants for dogs in MilkOpet®

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AntioxidantsMilkOpet® is improved by the addition of the antioxidants Vitamins C, D, E, and beta-carotene to further support dogs good health without changing the fresh taste of natural dairy milk.

Vitamin C. (Natural + enriched)  (Ascorbic Acid) - Vitamin C is one of the most important  antioxidants. Vitamin C  supports a healthy liver function, preserves Vitamin E content and provides integral support of muscle, bone and  teeth, and blood vessel development. Vitamin C supports improved absorption of Iron in the diet.  It stimulates and supports the immune system and is important in the detoxification process. Vitamin C can help in the wound healing process as well.

Vitamin D3 (Enriched) (Cholecalciferol)Essential for absorption of calcium for healthy bones and teeth, immunity and health,and helps maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. Additional functions for Vitamin D in glucose regulation and nerve function have recently been discovered.

Vitamin E. ( Natural + enriched) - Vitamin E is a proven antioxidant that supports animal fertility and  reproduction. Vitamin E also improves cellular membrane integrity particularly in working muscles and assists blood circulatory problems.

Beta Carotene.  ( Natural + enriched) - Beta Carotene is a potent  antioxidant   and can be converted  to Vitamin A when ingested by dogs.


Added Dairy Protein in MilkOpet® benefits dogs...


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