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The importance of hydration for dogs

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Regular hydration is important for dogs as they need an adequate fluid intake to help maintain normal body volume and cell function, and to support kidney function. A study from Loughborough University, UK, found that milk may be more effective than water, and commercially produced sports drinks at rehydrating the human body after exercise due milks’ natural electrolyte content (calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride). Pets fed primarily dry food risk inadequate fluid intake for optimum health and performance. Physical activity in play or work can use lots of energy and dehydrate your pet. Drinking MilkOpet® before and after play or work helps replace lost fluids, and keeps dogs feeling refreshed, happy and healthy. Because dogs love its taste and it provides so many beneficial nutrients MilkOpet® is an ideal way of providing necessary and balanced fluid intake. 


Dr Rebecca Remillard PhD,DVM, DACVN, MilkOpet® the healthy treat...