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Healthy and Nutritious: MilkOpet® is balanced to align with your dogs diet

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“Veterinarians are often asked for a healthy treat recommendation. We recommend one with a nutritional profile that is similar to the daily recommended diet. MilkOpet® is more in line with the ideal nutritional profile than many other treats available. Milk protein contains all essential amino acids in sufficient concentration compared with the dog’s daily requirement. Milk contains A, D and E fat soluble vitamins, plus seven B vitamins and all of major electrolytes (calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride) in adequate concentrations for the adult dog’s nutrition. It may also improve the overall nutrient intake if the dog is not consuming a complete balanced dog food.”

- Dr, Rebecca Remillard, PhD, DVM, DACV


Dr Rebecca Remillard PhD,DVM, DACVN, what defines a healthy treat for your dog...


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