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Taste research confirms dogs prefer their Dry Dog Food with Milkopet®

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MilkOPet® contracted Summit Ridge Farms to conduct a Palatability Assessment where a reputable high quality Dry Dog Food with MilkOpet® added was trialed against the same Dry Dog Food without MilkOpet®. The Kennel facility is registered with USDA No. 23-R-0126 under the Animal Welfare Act. The results showed first choice preference 5:1 for their Dry Dog Food with MilkOpet® added.

At MilkOpet® we believe this trial identifies a solution for pet parents when their dog is not eating their Dry Dog Food or shows disinterest in completing their food. It may also improve the overall nutrient intake if the dog is not consuming a complete balanced dog food.

Furthermore, when MilkOpet® was trialed added to the same reputable high quality Dry Dog Food, against that same food with water added to moisten it, 4 dogs from 5 showed a first choice preference for their food with MilkOpet® added.


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