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Great taste encourages essential hydration for dogs, MilkOpet® preferred by dogs

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MilkOPet® contracted Summit Ridge Farms to conduct a Palatability Assessment where MilkOpet® was served as a treat to hydrate dogs against water as an alternative source for hydration. The Kennel facility is registered with USDA No. 23-R-0126 under the Animal Welfare Act.

The results showed a 9:1 first choice preference for their MilkOpet® against water. At MilkOpet® we believe this trial identifies a solution for pet parents before, during, and after exercise to ensure their dog is well hydrated. Regular hydration is important for dogs as they need an adequate fluid intake to help maintain normal body volume and cell function, and to support kidney function.


Dr Rebecca Remillard PhD,DVM, DACVN, what defines a healthy treat for your dog...


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