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What Veterinarian Nutrition experts say about zero lactose benefits of MilkOpet® canine formulation

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“The product has been treated with lactase and shown by laboratory analysis to contain no lactose. * Cow’s milk averages 5% lactose. In some people ( and dogs ) that have lost the ability to digest milk sugar (loss of lactase enzyme with age ), lactose may cause intestinal upset (gas, cramp, pain, diarrhea and nausea) 30 to 120 minutes after consuming a dairy product containing lactose MilkOpet® product is lactose free which removes that last hesitation to feeding milk to dogs”.

- Dr Rebecca Remillard , PhD,DVM, DACVN

* Eurofins Scientific, Inc using HPLC procedure according to AOAC (Association of Official Agricultural Chemists)

Lactose is the natural sugar in milk. Some dogs, like some people, can’t digest lactose which can consequently result in stomach pains and diarrhea that in turn can lead to poor absorption of other ingested nutrients. MilkOpet® milk is Lactose Free. Unlike regular milk, MilkOpet® has over 95% of its lactose removed by natural enzymatic processes at the time of processing. Within 10 days 100% has been removed by the ongoing enzymatic action occurring within the product.

With its lactose converted to its simple sugars, glucose and galactose, both of which dogs can digest and enjoy, the milk tastes sweeter which dogs love. MilkOpet® has a great taste which dogs find irresistible, making it easy and convenient for dog lovers to provide and important nutritional support by simply offering the dog MilkOpet® either alone and/ or on their Dry Food to enhance taste and enjoyment.


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