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Vet's Corner

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Dr Remillard PhD, DVM, DACVN talks about MilkOpet, the healthy treat...

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Milk is the most nearly perfect food – Now we have the most nearly perfect treat!

In the early 1900's milk was said to be a nearly perfect human food. "Without dealing in superlatives, it can indeed be said that milk is the most nearly perfect of human foods for it is the only single article of diet which contains practically all of the elements necessary to sustain and nourish the human system." [a]

Milk can be the healthy treat your clients have been asking you to recommend.

Milk0pet® is a nutritious drink with 85% water and 15% highly (> 90%) digestible dry matter.  Milk0pet® Adult Stage contains 150 kcal/cup with yet it is considered a reduced fat product with 4% fat. Our Puppy Stage product has 5.25% fat and our Less Active Stage product has 3%. Milk protein contains all essential amino acids in sufficient concentration compared with the dog's daily requirement.  Milk contains A, D, E fat soluble vitamins plus seven B vitamins and all of the major electrolytes (calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride) in adequate concentrations for the adult dog's nutrition.

The product has been treated with lactase and shown by laboratory analysis to contain no lactose.[b] Cow's milk averages 5% lactose. In some people (and dogs) that have lost the ability to digest milk sugar (loss of the lactase enzyme with age), lactose may cause intestinal upset (gas, cramp, pain, diarrhea and nausea) 30 to 120 minutes after consuming a dairy product containing lactose. Milk0pet® product is lactose free which removes that last hesitation to feeding milk to dogs.

[a] The most nearly perfect food. Samuel Jay Crumbine MD and James Alner Toby PhD. Williams and Wilkins Co 1929. pg 17.

[b] Eurofins Scientific, Inc using HPLC procedure according to AOAC (Association of Official Agricultural Chemists) 982.14 methods. Certificate of Analysis available upon request.


Dr Remillard PhD, DVM, DACVN talks about the Convenience, Safety and dogs preference for MilkOpet ®

View Dr Remillard's Profile at the College of Veterinary Medicine

MilkOpet® has the convenience & safety of UHT milk

UHT stands for Ultra-High Temperature and refers to the pasteurization process used to ensure the product is free from harmful microbes. Milk is thermally processed at or above 280° F (138 °C) for two to four seconds either before or after packaging. UHT milk need not be refrigerated until opened after which it can be kept in a refrigerator as directed for up to 7 days.There is little nutritional difference between fresh and UHT milk[c] and palatability test results conducted in dogs demonstrated:

  • MilkOpet® was preferred over water > 9 to 1 as a drink.
  • MilkOpet® on dry food was preferred over dry food  > 5 to 1
  • MilkOpet® on dry food was preferred over dry food with water  > 2 to 1

[c] "an insignificant amount of some vitamins are destroyed in the UHT process" Dr. Craig Baumrucker, Scientific American, June 6, 2008;49

Dr Remillard PhD, DVM, DACVN recommends MilkOpet® as a healthy treat...

View Dr Remillard's Profile at the College of Veterinary Medicine

What is a healthy treat? ...

Universal treat recommendation is "10-15% of daily calorie intake" which is about 1 (250 ml) carton of Milk0pet® for a 30 lb dog per day. Vets are often asked for a healthy treat recommendation. We recommend one with a nutritional profile that is similar to the daily recommended intake because a treat with a nutrient profile similar to AAFCO recommendations will not UN-balance the daily intake of nutrients. Milk0pet® may also improve the overall nutrient intake if the dog is not consuming a complete and balanced dog food.

Dr Pamela Doskey DVM discusses Deuce, a dog she has been treating with MilkOpet...

"The dog that we tried it on is a special needs dog who had been poisoned in the past and is now restricted to a liquid diet for the rest of his life. There are very few 'treats' that he can have. This is one that he loves and does well with.

It makes me so happy to be able to provide him with a little variety
(and quality) to his diet. Thank you so much for all that you do! I attached a picture of him so you can see one of your biggest fans. His name is Deuce. Thanks again.

Pamela Doskey, DVM
Doskey Mobile Veterinary Care
Voted Best Veterinarian for three years in a row by the readers of
Jefferson Life Magazine!




MilkOpet® enriches natural iron in milk for dogs...